Birthdate: 1993
Breed: Quarter X
Color: Bay with Silver mane
Redwings Arrival: August 17, 2017
In the fall of 2016 a horse was reported as being abandoned to Santa Clara Animal Control.  When an officer arrived they discovered that the horse was not in poor condition and soon after the owner was found.  A few months later the weather turned cold and once again they received a call about the same horse and the caller insisted that the horse was loosing body condition and was not being fed.  The officer again came out and was horrified to find that the horse had lost a lot of weight and was now extremely thin.  He gave the owner a notice to comply and then went back to check the horse again a few weeks later.  On his next visit the officer discovered that the horse had lost even more weight and there was no hay or feed present on the property so he decided to seize the horse.  Over the next few months the horse, whose name was “Z”, gained weight and returned to full health.  In the mean time his owner fought in court to get his horse back.  At the end of a long court case the judge determined that the owner was guilty of neglect and that Z would not be returned to him.  Z has an old knee injury that prevents him from being ridden so Santa Clara contacted Redwings to see if we could offer Z a permanent home.  Today Z is very happy at Redwings.