Birthdate: 2005
Breed: Haflinger
Color: Flaxen chestnut
Arrival: 11/21/18
Weston is an adorable Haflinger gelding.  Weston and 8 other Haflingers were rescued from a horrible case of hoarding and neglect.  They were found standing in tiny pens full of feces and mud and all the horses were thin, some were even emaciated.  The property that they were on was full of trash and debris and was a very unsafe environment for the horses.  After the authorities were tipped off about the condition of the horses, the owner surrendered them and Lost Hearts and Souls Equine Rescue stepped in to help find homes for the horses.
The rescue decided that Weston and his brother Wilbur would come to Redwings.  The day before Thanksgiving in the first rain storm of the season they arrived at the sanctuary.  After the 5 hour trailer ride the horses were so happy that they galloped around their new pasture to celebrate their arrival.  Both horses were thin and had huge knots in their manes and tails.  After a few hours of grooming, with their manes free of tangles the boys were already looking much better.
Both horses have had very little handling and although they are friendly they do not have very good ground manners yet.  Redwings will be working with them on basic handling and ground manners over the next few months and then they will be ready for our foster to adopt program. We do not believe that either of them are broke to ride.