TriggerBirthdate: 1998
Breed: Pony
Color: Palomino
Redwings Arrival: June 14, 2001

In June of 2001 Redwings received a call about a horse in the road in the Salinas area.  Redwings sent staff who arrived to find a beautiful Welsh Pony stallion in the middle of the road way.  Redwings moved the horse to the sanctuary and began to search for the owner of the pony.  No one came forward for weeks and then the owner called to inquire about the pony.  Redwings was happy to return the pony but asked to be reimbursed for the expenses associated with his transportation and boarding him during that time.  The owner stated that the pony was too much trouble and that he no longer wanted him.

Redwings was happy to keep the pony and the staff named him Trigger.  Immediately a vet was called out to castrate Trigger since we do not allow stallions at the sanctuary.  Trigger lived at Redwings in the pony herd until 2013 when he was fostered by a wonderful couple in Monterey.  They wanted a companion for their older horse and Trigger was a perfect fit.  Today Trigger is very happy and healthy in his foster home.