TopperBirthdate: February 26, 1994

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bay 

Redwings Arrival: September 4, 2009

Topper was a very successful western pleasure horse until he sustained a severe tendon injury.  A veterinarian diagnosed him with a calcified tendon which meant his show career was over.  The veterinarian informed Topper’s owners about a facility that accepted horses for plasma collection to help horses in need.  Topper’s owners completed the paperwork and blood test that was necessary and Topper was accepted as a plasma donor horse.

Topper gave blood for many years and when he was finished with his service the plasma collection facility called Topper’s owners.  Unfortunately his owners had moved and were unable to keep Topper.  The facility knew the owners were devastated and referred them to Redwings.

Topper is an easy going and friendly horse that loves attention.  He is suitable for light riding.  He currently lives with Molly and Katrina.