TopazBirthdate: 1992
Breed: Anglo-Arabian Mare
Color: Grey
Redwings Arrival: July 2, 1994
We don’t know where Topaz originally came from. We do know she was dumped off to be sold at a Los Angeles livestock auction when she was only a yearling. Sold by the pound to a killer buyer, she was refused a space on the cattle truck bound for a Texas slaughterhouse because she was too thin.
Christine Lund, ABC-TV nightly news reporter, was at the auction working on a story about slaughter-bound horses and rescued the starving filly. After Topaz gained weight, she was placed into what appeared to be a good home. Months later, much to her horror, Christine saw Topaz at a Charro Rodeo being used for “horse tripping.” The filly had open wounds on all four legs, hips, and her face had lacerations.
Christine, again, pulled the filly out of a bad situation and took her home to recover. Months passed, her wounds slowly healed, and she was again ready for a good, permanent home. This time Christine contacted Redwings, and with your support, we were able to take Topaz in and welcome her to the Redwings family where she will be safe forever.
In spite of all her abuse, Topaz is a loveable, people friendly mare.