tizzyBirthdate: March 3, 2012

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Bay with blaze and 3 socks

Arrival: Oct. 14, 2016

Tizmatic “Tizzy” is a beautiful 4 year old thoroughbred gelding from the CARMA Placement Program. Tizmatic raced 4 times in California before sustaining a slight fracture of the third carpal bone (knee) in a morning work out.  In November of 2015 Tizmatic had surgery to place a screw to stabilize the fracture.  He received 6 months of stall rest and had the screw removed in April of 2016.  Tizmatic has now been back under saddle for four months and is doing very well.  Tizmatic seems to also enjoy trail riding.  Tizmatic is very sweet and has a quiet temperament.  Tizmatic will excel in many disciplines.