SunnyBirthdate: June 6, 1987
Breed: Anglo-Arabian
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: April 11, 1993
On Easter Sunday in 1993 Sunny gave birth to a foal. Unfortunately the foal was deformed and unable to nurse so it was humanely euthanized within hours of birth. The delivery of the foal also caused complications for Sunny, and she sustained physical damage as the foal was being born. This damage required surgery, so Sunny could have a normal and happy life. Sunny’s owner could not afford the surgery and contacted Redwings (at the time we were called CHAPS) to ask if we could take her.
Sunny had to go immediately to UC Davis for her first surgery and then returned a while later for a small follow up surgery. Sunny lived in Carmel, until Redwings relocated to Lockwood, where she has lived since 2001. Sunny is in a front pasture right next to the office with her buddy Noey. Sunny’s gentle and kind nature makes her a favorite with both staff and volunteers.