Birthdate: 1996
Breed: Pony of the Americas
Color: Grey Leopard
Redwings Arrival: September 1, 1999

In July of 1998 the Santa Clara County SPCA contacted Redwings to help them determine the condition of over 100 ponies running free on 160 acres in the hills east of San Jose.  The owner had lost his land to the bank and had temporarily moved the ponies to a neighbor’s land.  The neighbor feared that he would get stuck with all the ponies and decided to round the ponies up and take them all to auction.  Redwings contacted the media to raise awareness and the local TV stations aired the plight of the ponies.  On auction day many members of the community were there to purchase the ponies.  Sundance was purchased by Horse Power Projects and came to live at Redwings.

Sundance is a little shy at first but warms up to people very quickly.  He is gentle, kind, and would make a great companion pony.