StryderBirthdate: 1995
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: Sept. 28, 2007
While serving a warrant in a criminal matter in Carmel Valley, CA, a deputy sheriff discovered an emaciated gelding in a pasture next to the house. He determined the owner had abandoned the property, leaving the gelding to starve.
The Monterey County Sheriff’s Department seized the horse and transported him to a local veterinary hospital. After being checked over and put on a weight producing diet, vaccinations, hooves trimmed and teeth floated, he was taken to the Monterey County SPCA. Since his owner was involved in a criminal case, the horse became evidence and could not be adopted out.
Stryder eventually came to Redwings where he was given a safe and permanent home. Now that he is well and healthy, he is a handsome and spirited Thoroughbred. We discovered that Stryder raced 9 times in California during his racing career.