RebelBirthdate: May 4, 2004
Breed: Percheron X
Color: Grey
Redwings Arrival: BORN HERE!

Rebel was born on May 4, 2004.  His mother Tara was a former Premarin mare from Canada who come to Redwings in foal with another mare named Scarlett.  Tara and Scarlett both gave birth to healthy colts who were raised together.  Rebel was an out going and inquisitive young colt that loved people while his mother Tara was still uncomfortable with human interaction.  Rebel remained with his mother until it was time to wean him.  Once weaned Rebel was foster by a woman in Monterey County.  Unfortunately  his foster mom went through a divorce and was unable to keep Rebel so he was returned to the sanctuary in 2014.  Rebel was only at Redwings for a few months before he was fostered again.  Today he lives on a beautiful ranch in San Miguel, Ca.  Rebel is spoiled and very happy living with his 3 herd mates M&M, Sam, and Limo.