Birthdate: 1989
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Redwings Arrival: July 16, 1993
Not much is known about Phoenix’s history before he came to Redwings.  In 1993 a member of CHAPS (now Redwings) was at the local auction to rescue two donkeys that were at the sale that day.  She had outbid the other participants and purchased the donkeys, who were later named Pal and Fanny.  Right as she was about to leave a beautiful young chestnut horse was lead into the arena and the bidding began.  Phoenix proved irresistible so the CHAPS member purchased him too.  Phoenix was healthy, other than a bad injury to one of his legs, and a few other cuts and bruises.  He also had one cloudy eye, but it didn’t effect his vision.
Phoenix didn’t stay at CHAPS very long before a supporter fell in love with him, and decided to foster him.  He lived in Aromas, California in a very loving home until 2016.  Phoenix’s owner, who was now in her 90s, was having trouble caring for Phoenix and his companion, so she asked Redwings if we could bring Phoenix back to the sanctuary.  Redwings will always have an opening should any of our fostered or adopted horses need to return.  Phoenix is happy to be back at Redwings and enjoys hanging out with our retired Border Patrol horses, Red and Max.