PegasusBirthdate: 1992
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: May 20, 1993

Pegasus and his mother got loose one night when he was only a yearling.  Both horses found their way to a nearby highway and were hit by passing cars.  A woman was able to catch the injured horses and loaded them into her trailer.  She immediately took them to a local veterinarian for treatment. No one ever stepped up to claim ownership of the two horses so officials declared them abandoned.

Authorities were able to find a nice adoptive home for the mare, but no one wanted little Pegasus whose injuries left him with a permanent limp.  When the veterinarian would no longer keep Pegasus Redwings paid his bills and brought him to the sanctuary.  Today Pegasus is happy and healthy, he has a significant limp but he doesn’t let that slow him down too much.  He loves to spend hot afternoons splashing in the water trough with his pasture mates Coco and Leo.