Date of Birth: Approximately 1997
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival Date: May 3, 2003
People at a boarding facility, noticed that a horse that had been padlocked in a stall, and no one had been seen feeding or watering the horse for some time. The stable could not locate the owner, to find out what was going on, so they started feeding and watering the horse, in hopes that the owner would finally be found. Finally the Sheriff’s department and Redwings were contacted. They came and cut the padlock, and the horse was removed from the stall. He hadn’t had his feet trimmed and was filthy from no one cleaning his stall, and him having to lie in the filth.
A kind lady at the stable offered to care for the horse, while they tried to find the owner. The lady named him Patrick. She had his feet trimmed and he finally got a bath.
Eventually the owner was located, and it turned out he was in jail, leaving no one to care for the horse. He had locked the door of the stall, so no one would steal the horse. He relinquished ownership of the horse, because he had not enough money to pay the board bill. If the worried people at the stable hadn’t stepped in, who knows what would have happened to Patrick.
Unfortunately, the lady could not continue to care for him, so Redwings was called. We gladly took this handsome boy in, and he now has a large pasture he shares with two geldings.