Birthdate: 1993

Breed: Andalusian

Color: Grey 

Redwings Arrival: 2/27/20

Owen was found tied to a fence on the side of the road in January 2020. His owner had abandoned him and he was in terrible condition. A kind woman brought Owen to her home and reached out to the Santa Cruz Animal Services to report the abandoned horse. A vet was called in to evaluate Owen’s condition and found him to have a body score of just 1 and he was considered emaciated. Owen also has tumors called Melanomas all over his mouth and rectum. One melanoma on his lip is so large that he cannot fully close his mouth but thankfully he’s still able to eat just fine. Redwings brought Owen to the sanctuary in February and he has put on weight rapidly. Today Owen lives in a large pasture with other senior horses and is very healthy and happy.