Birthdate: 1991
Breed: Arabian X Mare
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: July 10, 2008
Ohlone’s story is not unlike many horses. Someone moves to the country and decides the first thing they will do is buy animals – lots of animals – with no knowledge how to care for them. The owners had good intentions but soon learned that it was expensive to feed their animals (two horses, three goats, a lamb, chickens and rabbits). Furthermore, this owner did not know that he would need a veterinarian to come and check the horses teeth, and a farrier to come and work on the horses feet. It was all new, and expensive.
It wasn’t long before the regular costs of having animals, were compounded by the economy and increased costs for everything else this family needed. And now they were becoming financially strapped. The father thought he found a home for the animals but some neighbors, who knew better, warned him this new “home” was not safe. But the neighbors knew about Redwings too, and so he reached out to us.
To keep Ohlone and her friend from going into an abusive situation, and to save them from further neglect, which they were slowly beginning to suffer due to the financial burdens being put on the family, Redwings brought the horses to their forever home.