Birthdate: Feb. 26, 1994
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Redwings Arrival: 4/11/2009
Molly was rescued with 6 other horses in Santa Cruz County. They came from a horrible situation of neglect and abuse in Watsonville. Molly was a body score of 2 out of 5, and was extremely fearful of people. Due to her past abuse Molly had many behavioral issues and was considered to be unadoptable. Since animal services does not have a facility to keep horses permanently and they do not have the budget for long term equine care Molly’s future was uncertain. Redwings was contacted by Molly’s foster home and soon after Molly was on her way to Redwings. Over the last few years Molly has regained her trust in people and loves to be groomed. She is gentle and kind with everyone she meets. She is enjoying life in her big pasture that she shares with Topper and Katrina.