MelissaBirthdate: March 1996
Breed: Draft cross Mare
Color: Black
Redwings Arrival: September 11, 1996

Melissa is an offspring of a Premarin mare. These Draft and Draft cross horses were rescued from the Premarin auction sales held in Canada. Premarin is a hormone replacement drug, made from the urine of pregnant mares. Thus the name Pre(pregnant) mar(mare) in(urine). From the time the mares became pregnant until the foals are born, they are cross-tied in 4”x 8” standing stalls in which they cannot lie down or turn around. Urine bags are attached to the mares, which constantly collect all their urine. They are given minimal amounts of water in order to concentrate the urine.

When the foals are born, they are with their mothers only for 3-4 months, are then taken and sent to auctions. Many of these young foals are still nursing.

Although there are now alternative and generic versions of hormone replacements on the market, a few still prescribe Premarin. Redwings focus is to urge women to ask their physicians for a generic hormone or ask about alternatives.