LucyBirthdate: 1994
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: May 12, 2006
Lucy was apparently a trail horse before being traded for a “welding” job. In November of 2006 an anonymous call to the San Luis Obispo county sheriffs office reported two horse in bad condition. The responding officer found two bay mares in separate corrals scattered with debris and junk. He could see that both animals were emaciated, there was no feed in either corral and only one corral had water. Both horses had protruding ribs, with bones, tail bones and overgrown hooves. The Deputy called a local veterinarian to look at the horses and evaluate them. He concluded that the horses were starving to death. After looking at their living conditions, his description was that the place looked like “hell on earth for horses”. Closer examination confirmed that their condition was due to starvation, not any physical disability and advised that Deputy that this was a case of criminal animal neglect. Notice the spot on Lucy’s nose from wearing a halter that was too tight.
The owner was arrested and in March 2006 was found guilty of animal cruelty and neglect, sentenced to 30 days in jail, and prohibited from owning animals for three years.
Under the care of Eric Anderson, DVM at the San Luis Obispo Animal Services Dept., the mares started to gain weight. They were also helped out by Horse Emergency Evacuation Team (HEET), who provide services on a volunteer basis to help with Animal Emergencies. HEET provided help to the Sheriff’s Dept. during the recuperation of the two mares, now called Ethel and Lucy.
A HEET member contacted a Redwings Honorary Board member after the case was concluded to see if we could find a place for ;them permanently at the Sanctuary. She wanted the horses to be always together and never have to suffer again. With generous donations, Redwings was able to provide a permanent, safe and loving home.