Birthdate: April 1996
Breed: Belgian Draft
Color: Chestnut w/ Flaxen Mane & Tail
Redwings Arrival: September 11, 1996

LB was one of four foals that Redwings rescued from the Permarin Auctions in Canada in 1996.  Redwings originally planned to rescue four fillies and when LB was brought into the ring he was listed as a filly.  When the Redwings staff went to pick him up they discovered he was a colt.  The auction staff told Redwings to pick out another filly and that the colt would be sent back into the ring.  Redwings had no intentions of sending him back into the ring, so he came home with the three fillies purchased that day.

He was named Lover Boy because he was the first foal to be purchased by Redwings and he spent the first night alone.  He was only about 3 months old, a little young to already be weaned from his mother.  When the three fillies were purchased and brought into his corral the next day he was so happy to see them that he ran over to them and gave them “horse hugs”.  We call him LB for short.

“LB lives in a large pasture and loves hanging out under a huge oak tree with his other herd mates.