Birthdate: 1992

Breed: Appendix

Color: Chestnut

Arrival: February 1, 2017

In early January Lolana and a few other horses were seized in Santa Clara County from a horrible situation of neglect.  Lolana was very thin and her hooves were so overgrown that she was having trouble walking.  The other horses that were seized were younger and healthier than Lolana and were quickly adopted into loving homes.  Due to Lolana’s age and soundness she was overlooked by potential adopters.  Santa Clara Animal Control immediately got a veterinarian and farrier out to evaluate Lolana and work on her overgrown hooves.  Lolana was also fitted with soft ride boots which made her much more comfortable.  She soon started to gain weight rapidly and began to look much better.  In late January Santa Clara Animal Services contacted Redwings to see if we could accept Lolana and we quickly said yes and started to make arrangements for her transport. 

Lolana still needs to gain a little more weight and will require further corrective trimming of her hooves but she is improving everyday.  Lolana is a very gentle and quiet horse with a very sweet disposition.  Lolana will make a wonderful companion horse and will be available for foster soon.