Little-Bit-of-StardustBirthdate: October 7, 2000
Breed: Miniature Horse Gelding
Color: Sorrel Pinto
Redwings Arrival: BORN HERE!
When Magic and Bambi came to Redwings, we were told Bambi might be in foal. The staff waited and waited, but Bambi did not look pregnant! Finally, by the end of September 2000, she started showing. Because miniature horses have been bred to become smaller and smaller, there was concern that the foal might be deformed, or she would have a hard birth. The staff took turns watching over her as much as possible. On October 7, Brian, the staff member watching her, left for dinner, was gone only a short time, but when he returned was he in for a surprise when he checked Bambi. Little Bit had arrived with no problems! He was born a perfect mini pony with fluffy baby hair and black raccoon circles around his eyes (baby features). He inherited the pinto spots of his dad and the coloring of his mom. The circles are now gone, his coat is a normal horse coat and he is as tall as his parents.
The minis are always popular with visitors, but you can imagine how much attention a baby mini got. It became apparent that this colt would be one of the most spoiled foals in Redwings history! In fact, the staff has lovingly nicknamed him “Little Brat.”
He is now fully grown and pretty much has become the spoiled – but lovable “star” we thought he would be.