LillyBirthdate: April 3, 2002
Breed: Quarter X
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: BORN HERE!

Lilly was born at Redwings after her mother Keebler was rescued from a horrible situation of abuse and neglect in Pinoche Valley, California.  Keebler was emaciated and her hooves were so over grown that they curled up and twisted back towards her fetlocks, making it hard for her to stand.  Keebler was extremely fearful of people which made it very hard to treat and care for her.  Keebler’s condition caused her a great deal of pain and the staff was very concerned about her quality of life.

One morning Keebler surprised everyone, over night she delivered a healthy bay filly.  No one at Redwings had known that Keebler was pregnant. As the weeks passed Keebler’s condition continued to deteriorate and she spent most of the day laying down.  Redwings was forced to make the difficult decision to euthanize Keebler when Lilly was only a month and a half old.  Lilly was fostered by a couple in Amador County that were willing to care for Lilly in this critical time.  They gave Lilly round-the-clock care and feeding and lots of love.  Today Lilly is happy and healthy and we are very thankful to her foster parents for giving Lilly such a great home.