Birthdate: 2009
Breed: Paint
Color: Buckskin and White
Redwings Arrival: August 14, 2019

Kai was seized by San Luis Obispo County Animal Services in December 2018 along with 34 other horses, all in poor condition. Redwings assisted the county in care recommendations and agreed to take the three horses that were in the worst condition.
A few months later, Redwings agreed to take three additional horses from the case, including Kai. Kai was in good body condition when she arrived at Redwings but was almost feral and we were unable to handle her. She also has a very bad clubbed foot that was in need of farrier work.
Over the next few weeks the staff worked with Kai everyday to get her more comfortable with people. After just 4 weeks at Redwings, Kai was doing well enough that we were able to have her hooves trimmed. Kai is still very shy and does not trust new people. Redwings will continue to work with her to gain her trust and we hope that some day she might be comfortable enough with people to be available through our foster to adopt program.