Ginger-SnapDate of Birth: Approximately 1995
Breed: Thoroughbred Gelding
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival Date: November 3, 1997
When Snap was only one year old his owner, an elderly woman, died of cancer, leaving behind her 7 horses for her husband to care for.  Unfortunately, the old man was unable to appropriately care for all the horses, so their condition deteriorated very quickly.  The horses were starving and in an attempt to find food they began to break down the fencing and get loose.  Eventually, the horses were all seized and new homes were found for each horse.  Snap came to Redwings when he was only 1 1/2 years old, but the year of malnutrition had left its mark.  Snap has vision problems and he is a little “slow”.
Even though he has vision problems and a little bit of a mental deficiency, Snap is a very sweet and affectionate horse.  He lived at the satellite ranch in Prunedale until 2014 when he was moved to the Lockwood facility.  Snap’s vision continued to deteriorate throughout the years and now he is almost completely blind.  His blindness doesn’t stop him from living a full and happy life.  Snap lives with his best buddy, Ohlone, and enjoys his daily turn outs in his irrigated pasture.