Date of Birth: April 5, 1994
Breed: Thoroughbred Gelding
Color: Dark Bay
Redwings Arrival Date: BORN HERE!

Swimaj, Geronimo’s dam, only raced once before she retired due to intermittent lameness caused by bucked shins. At three years old she was bred and sent to a large thoroughbred auction in southern California. Redwings was at the auction that day and Swimaj was purchased and brought to the sanctuary along with another mare that was purchased that day, Alisage.
Geronimo was born on April 5, 1994. He was born perfectly healthy and full of energy and life. Geronimo grew up playing with Alisage’s foal Dodger, the two were inseparable. Geronimo has enjoyed life at Redwings for his entire life. Unfortunately, Swimaj had to be humanely euthanized at only 5 years old, due chronic lameness that gave her an unacceptable quality of life. Her spirit lives on in Geronimo who lives each day to the fullest.