Birthdate: April 25, 2012

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Chestnut

Arrival: January 26, 2017

George Zip, who we call Mr. Zip, is a handsome thoroughbred gelding that came to Redwings from the CARMA Placement Program.  Mr. Zip had a rough start and was not able to race during his two year old season and most of his three year old season due to two knee chip removal surgeries and a tibia fracture.  His owners rested him after the surgeries and when all the issues were resolved he was ready to return to the track.  He raced twice in 2015 but then in early 2016 he was diagnosed with a pelvic stress fracture which led to pleuropnuemonia.  The stress fracture healed quickly but his pneumonia was very hard to treat.  In July Mr. Zip’s owner and trainer retired him and he joined the CARMA Placement Program.

Today Mr. Zip is happy and healthy at Redwings. He has a fantastic and gentle disposition and loves being around people.