FancyBirthdate: 1998

Breed: Pony 

Color: Dark Bay 

Redwings Arrival: March 4, 2014

When Fancy’s owner passed away, this darling little pony was left alone with an Arabian horse, and some dogs, to fend for themselves. Their owner had been sick, and could no longer afford the care of her animals, even before she died. A neighbor realized what had happened and called Redwings. When we arrived we found the two huddling together in knee deep mud in the pouring rain. Unfortunately the Arabian was so emaciated, it needed to be humanely put out of misery. The pony however, was in better health, except for her extremely long hooves.
As soon as Fancy arrived at Redwings, a veterinarian evaluated her, and found that she was about 15 yrs. old, and healthier than expected. The farrier trimmed and reshaped her hooves, so she could walk more comfortably. She was put in a pasture with our other ponies, Penelope, Etta Mae, and Little Bit. She now loves to play with her pasture mates, and gallop around and around. She is shy, but very friendly, and loves her new home. She would make someone a great companion pony and friend.