FaithBirthdate: 1994

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Color: Dark Bay 

Redwings Arrival: April 1, 2010

Faith is a tattooed thoroughbred that was never raced.  At a young age Faith sustained a significant injury to her left side and left hind leg that left her unable to be ridden.  We believe she was used as a brood mare for a few years before being donated to Hartnell College.  Faith was used in the Registered Veterinary Technician Program (RVT) to teach students how to handle and treat horses.  In 2010 Hartnell College decided to close its RVT program, leaving Faith and another horse with out a home.

The faculty at Hartnell contacted Redwings  and we were happy to accept both horses into our program.  Faith is a gentle and kind horse who would make a great companion horse.