Birthdate: 2016
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chestnut
Arrival: April 3, 2018
In late March 2018 Redwings received a phone call from a trainer asking if we could rescue a beautiful young thoroughbred colt that was scheduled to be euthanized the following week.  The colt had a bone chip in his hock and required surgery to remove the chip or he would never be suitable for riding.  The owner did not want to invest the money in colt so they planned to euthanize him.
Redwings quickly agreed to accept the colt and arranged for transportation.  When we arrived to pick him up we instantly fell in love with little Eugene’s sweet and kind disposition.  Eugene loaded into the trailer with ease and traveled quietly back to the sanctuary.
Redwings will be raising the money to have Eugene’s bone chip removed in the coming months and after his surgery and rehabilitation are complete he will be available for our foster to adopt program.  Eugene should make a wonderful riding prospect after he recovers and has a little more time to mature.
Eugene has had his bone hock surgery, thanks to the support of our donors and friends. After his rehabilitation, he will be available through our Foster to Adopt program.