Birthdate: 2014

Breed: Mustang

Color: Dark Bay

Redwings Arrival: January 27, 2018

Estrella is a beautiful Mustang mare.  Estrella was part of the Devil’s Garden herd in Northern California before she was rounded up by the BLM.  Not long after her arrival at the Litchfield BLM pens Estrella gave birth to a beautiful filly.

In late October of 2017 a devoted supporter called to inform the staff at Redwings that there were some Mustangs from the Devil’s Garden Herd in Northern California that were in desperate need of homes.  These mustangs were all mares with young foals and with winter fast approaching the local supporters were working hard to find homes for the pairs.  Redwings acted immediately and agreed to take some of the mares and foals.  The mustang advocate graciously offered to pay for 30 days of gentling with a trainer who specializes in gentling mustangs, as well as their board during their stay with the trainer.
Finally in late January the mustangs were ready for their journey to our Sanctuary.   The staff have worked with Estrella every day since her arrival and she now leads, stands for the farrier and has had her first bath.  Estrella has a very out going and friendly disposition and bonds very quickly to her handlers.
Estrella is now available to an experienced home through our foster to adopt program.  She will be ready to start work under saddle very soon.