Birthdate: 1989

Breed: Quarter Horse 

Color: Buckskin 

Redwings Arrival: October 6, 2015

Duke came to us when we got a call from a Northern California animal shelter. They were looking for a home for multiple horses that were seized from a horse trader. All the horses were in dilapidated paddocks filled with debris and feces. The horses themselves were in terrible condition. Duke was in the worst condition being very emaciated, and his hooves were overgrown and very bad condition. His coat was saturated with fungus from being in unsanitary environmental conditions.
The humane officers took Duke and several others directly to a large animal hospital for evaluation. Duke was in critical need of dental care and tested for sand in his GI tract. The hospital was able to treat him, as well as put some weight on him.
Redwings staff was convinced that Duke deserved a happy ending, and took him into our care. He has now gained about 200 lbs, his coat glistens, mane shines, and he is happy to take naps in the warm sun. He is sweet, alert, and curious. This handsome guy is available to foster.