CocoBirthdate: 2001
Breed: Thoroughbred Gelding
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: August 9, 2011

Coco is a thoroughbred who raced in Florida in 2002-2003.  After Coco retired from racing due to a track injury to his fetlock a woman adopted him and moved him to California.  After a few years the woman abandoned Coco on a friend’s property and left the state.  Coco was thin and had a bad skin infection.  This woman kept Coco for a few years before a back injury forced her to try to find a new home for him.  She simply could not take care of him any longer.  Due to Coco’s old injury he was not ridable and the woman was unsuccessful in finding him a new home.

When Redwings was contacted we agreed to give Coco a permanent home at the sanctuary.  Coco is one of our sponsor horses and lives with Jack.