Birthdate: 1992
Breed: Arabian
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: August 17, 2017
In the spring of 2017 Santa Clara Animal Control received a report of an emaciated horse.  When they arrived they discovered a small Arabian mare named Chocolate who was severely underweight.  Closer examination showed that at one time Chocolate sustained very serious injuries to her chest, neck, and front legs probably due to an incident with barbed wire.  The injuries left Chocolate with huge scars and her chest is shaped funny due to significant damage to the muscles in her chest.   Chocolate’s owners did not want charges pressed against them for neglect so they surrendered her to Santa Clara County.  Due to Chocolate’s age she was over looked by potential adopters so Santa Clara contacted Redwings and a few weeks later Chocolate arrived at Redwings.  Chocolate has a very gentle and calm disposition and is very easy to handle. Today she is happy and healthy and would make a great companion horse.