Birthdate: 2009
Breed: Mustang
Color: Chestnut
Arrival: 11/27/18
Capone is a handsome BLM mustang gelding.  Capone was born on BLM land and was rounded up as a 3 year old.  Capone sent to a correctional facility for training under saddle and then was chosen by the US Border Patrol as a patrol horse.  For 6 years Capone served our country as a loyal patrol mount until suffering an injury to his pastern.  After completing treatments and rehabilitation the vet suggested that Capone be retired from service due to his injury.  He does have some arthritis in both his pastern and coffin joint due to the injury that does limit how much he can be ridden.  Capone is suitable as a light riding and light trail mount only.  Capone has a very quiet but friendly disposition.  He enjoys attention and grooming and has very good ground manners.