Birthdate: 2011
Breed: Paint
Color: Bay Tobiano
Redwings Arrival: November 13, 2019
Bright Eyes’ owner suffered a stroke and became unable to take care of him or the other 5 horses that shared a home with him. The horses were being fed but no veterinary, farrier or dental care was being provided. The conditions that the horses were living in were also unsafe due to a large amount of debris in the pasture.
A concerned family member reached out to Redwings to see if we could help. The Redwings team made the 9-hour round trip drive up north to pick up the horses and bring them back to the sanctuary.

She suffered a traumatic injury shortly before she was rescued and was non-weight bearing on one leg when she arrived. She has made a miraculous recovery with the help of a special horseshoe; she will remain a permanent resident at Redwings due to the special care needed for her limp and pain management. Bright Eyes has one blue eye and one brown eye and is a gentle and very resilient mare.