Birthdate: May 26, 2015

Breed: Quarter Horse X

Color: Dark Bay 

Redwings Arrival: BORN HERE!

Black Jack’s mother, Circe, was rescued from a neglect case in Morgan Hill, California in November of 2014.  At the time of her rescue she was thin, and nursing a filly, who we named Atte.  After weaning her filly, Circe was put in a big pasture with two other mares where she thrived and returned to full health.  In March of 2015 the equine care supervisor noticed that Circe was looking a little overweight so her feed was reduced, but Circe kept gaining weight.  A few weeks later it became very apparent that Circe was not fat, she was pregnant.  For the next month the staff kept a close eye on Circe and prepared for the arrival of her foal.  Finally Circe showed signs that her foal could come any day.  The equine care supervisor stayed up 3 nights waiting for the foal.  On May 26, 2015 Circe gave birth to a beautiful dark bay colt.  After a vote among our Facebook followers the little colt was named Black Jack.  Black Jack stayed with Circe for 5 months before he was weaned.

Today Black Jack is a year old.  He is healthy and has a very outgoing and sweet disposition.  He will make a fabulous riding horse one he matures.  He currently lives with Uncle Patrick and Uncle Cyclone.