ApolloBirthdate: 2003
Breed: Andalusian-Arab Gelding
Color: Black
Redwings Arrival: July 7, 2011
Apollo was rescued at the approximate age of six months old. Animal Control could not determine who his mother was, as there was not a single mare that was producing milk on the property. All the horses were thin and in very poor over all condition. Due to the colt’s lack of nutrition he was very weak and could hardly stand. The county vet recommended putting the colt down. Apollo, as he was affectionately named, seemed special to the investigators so they decided to go against the vet’s recommendation and see what they could do to help him. Apollo was started on milk cow pellets and hay; however, Apollo’s legs and confirmation suffered from the initial lack of nutrition.
Apollo was soon adopted by a woman who intended to give him a home for the rest of his life.  He stayed with her for 7 years until she began to have health issues and financial trouble and could no longer care for him.  Since Apollo is not ridable most rescues were not interested in taking him.  The woman contacted Redwings and we were able to accept Apollo.  Apollo is one of our sponsor horses and his sweet disposition makes him a favorite with staff and volunteers.  He enjoys life in a big pasture that he shares with Topaz, and COA.