Birthdate: February 26, 1989
Breed: Appaloosa Mare
Color: Brown Leopard
Redwings Arrival: April 20, 2009
For years Anna lived in the Sierra Nevada foothills, owned by a woman who ran a successful horse business. The infirmities of age began to take a toll on Anna’s owner, and the care of the horses began to decline. Her last nine horses were ignored and neglected.
In February of 2009 Redwings received a letter from two women who had discovered the horses in terrible condition and were trying to help the owner find placements for the horses. Fortunately the owner of the horses agreed that she needed help to arrange new homes for the horses. What the women described in their letter to Redwings was heart wrenching.
There was only one hay bale on the premises to feed nine horses. Four of the horses were stallions, all living in stalls filled with mud and feces. The other five were mares, three of which were living together in a pasture. The last two mares were located in makeshift pens, held together with wooden boards and bailing twine, were they stood in their own feces and mud. One of these mares was Anna.
Anna’s eyes had large amounts of discharge and the flies were crawling all over her face and eyes. It soon became apparently that Anna was completely blind. Anna’s hooves were horribly overgrown and full of thrush. The women feared if they did not get Anna moved to dry ground quickly and arrange for hoof care that she would soon be unable to stand.
The mare’s future looked a little brighter when a home was found for Anna and her companion. Unfortunately when the horses arrived, it was not exactly the home they had envisioned. The pasture had rusty barbed wire laying all over the ground, and there was no kind of shelter. Soon after they moved Anna’s friend died, leaving Anna alone.
The women worried that Anna would soon suffer the same fate and acted quickly. They contacted Redwings to see if we could offer Anna a home at our sanctuary. Redwings agreed and Anna finally had a permanent, safe place to call home. Redwings was unable to take Anna right away, so Anna was moved to Plymouth, California where she stayed in the care of Dr. Garfinkle of At Farm Veterinary Services. There she received all the veterinary care that she needed and some much needed TLC. Anna stayed at the veterinary clinic for almost one month.
Then in April of 2009 a very kind volunteer took Anna on the 6 hour trailer ride to her forever home at Redwings’ Lockwood Sanctuary.  Anna settled in quickly and instantly became a ranch favorite. Her gentle and calm nature made her easy to work with even with her disability.   But there was still another obstacle for Anna to overcome.
Once at the Sanctuary it became apparent that Anna’s right eye caused her discomfort. Her right eye seemed to constantly have discharge and require daily care. She developed ulcers on the cornea of her eye which were very painful for Anna. In May of 2009 the Redwings team and Vets at Estrella Equine Hospital agreed that to in order to improve Anna’s comfort and quality of life, Anna’s eye needed to be removed. On May 18, 2009 Anna made a trip to Estrella Equine Hospital in Paso Robles to have surgery. The surgery was a success and Anna healed very quickly. Since she was already blind, there was no adjustment period, Anna had no trouble recovering from the surgery.
Today Anna remains a ranch favorite. Since she is so gentle and quiet to work with, she is often used for education when groups come out to the sanctuary. She enjoys her daily turn out in her grassy paddock.