AliBirthdate: 1988
Breed: Arabian
Color: Grey
Redwings Arrival: August 10, 2011

Ali’s registered name is Eridanuus and he is a registered Arabian.  His great grand sire was Bask, a very well known Arabian stallion.  Ali was an endurance horse for most of his life.  He competed in endurance rides through out the state and even completed the prestigious Tevis Cup in 1994.  In his career Ali completed over 1600 miles.  As Ali got older it was time for him to retire from the endurance rides and he was sold to a woman who wanted to pleasure trail ride him.

In 2007 Ali was injured in a trailer accident and suffered injuries on his entire right side.  His owner arranged for chiropractic treatments which gave Ali relief.  Ali’s owner fell on hard times and soon realized she could not afford to feed Ali and her children.  She contacted HEET (Horse Emergency Evacuation Team) of San Luis Obispo to get help finding a place for Ali.  HEET called Redwings to see if we had room for another horse.

Since Ali had no history of abuse or neglect it was a difficult decision to accept Ali.  It was decided that with Ali’s owners situation the chance of him being neglected or abandoned in the future was high so Redwings accepted him.