The mission of Redwings Horse Sanctuary is to eliminate the causes of equine suffering through educational and community outreach programs, rescue abused, abandoned, and neglected equines and provide permanent sanctuary or selected foster/adoptive homes for those equines.

How We Accept a Horse at Redwings

Accepting a new horse at Redwings is not a simple task.  Every week we get many “take my horse” phone calls and emails from owners who are unable or unwilling to care for their horses.  Potential new horses are considered through an individualized, case by case procedure.  Redwings wishes that we could take every horse in need, but that is simply not possible.  There are so many horses in need, and we need to be very careful in deciding which horses we can rescue.

Most of the horses at Redwings have been abandoned or are from abusive or neglected backgrounds.  Redwings works with the SPCA, Animal Services, and Sheriff’s Departments across the state to provide sanctuary for those equines who have been rescued. 

Law enforcement agencies often are forced to seize equines from terrible conditions, or when threatened to have their horse seized owners will often surrender the animal to law enforcement. These law enforcement agencies frequently do not have long term equine facilities so a permanent home for the horse is needed. This is the point where Redwings gets involved.  Redwings offers these horses a permanent home at our sanctuary or whenever possible will try to find permanent loving foster/adoptive homes.

Some of the horses at Redwings came from other situations.  Some Redwings residents were purchased at auctions where their future was very uncertain had Redwings not been at the auction that day.  Six of our horses came from Canada after the big Premarin auctions back in 2005-2006.  Over the past three years we have taken 3 retired border patrol horses from Tucson and San Diego sectors.  Our beautiful Mustang herd came from the Pryor Mountains of Montana and our adorable burro herd came from a BLM round up in Death Valley.  A few Redwings residents were fortunate to never experience abuse or neglect, they were born here to mothers that we rescued.