The horses below have been placed in foster homes and are in the process of being adopted. After successful completion of the one-year mandatory foster period, the foster parent will be able to complete the adoption of their foster horse.


Birthdate: April 1, 1999
Breed: Holsteiner
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: May, 31, 2000

Borden County

Birthdate: 2014
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: August 31, 2018

Bourbon Dude

Birthdate: April 11, 2015
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Dark Bay
Redwings Arrival: January 15, 2019


Birthdate: 2009
Breed: Mustang
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: November 27, 2018


Birthdate: March 1996
Breed: Percheron X
Color: Strawberry Roan
Redwings Arrival: September 11, 1996


Birthdate: 1997
Breed: Pony
Color: Black
Redwings Arrival: January 1, 1999


Birthdate: 2012
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: March 5,2016


Birthdate: 2016
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: April 3, 2018


Birthdate: 2012
Breed: Mustang Pony
Color: Red Roan
Redwings Arrival: November 26, 2014

Hope (Burro)

Birthdate: September 9, 1999
Breed: Burro
Color: Grey
Redwings Arrival: BORN HERE!