These horses are not approved for riding but will make a wonderful addition to a family as a companion animal for another horse or burro, or as pet for the foster home.  It has been determined that riding these horses is not acceptable due to old injuries or lameness, a history of abuse under saddle, or age.  They are still wonderful horses and very easy to work with on the ground.

George Zip

Birthdate: April 25, 2012
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: January 26, 2017


Birthdate: 1996
Breed: Quarter Horse X
Color: Dark Bay
Redwings Arrival: July 29, 2016


Birthdate: Approximately 2003
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Redwings Arrival: November 26, 2014

Lover Boy

Birthdate: April 1996
Breed: Belgian Draft
Color: Chestnut w/ flaxen mane & tail
Redwings Arrival: September 11, 1996

Lucky (Burro)

Birthdate: February, 1999
Breed: Burro
Color: Rose Gray
Redwings Arrival: March 13, 1999


Birthdate: 1997
Breed: Quarter Cross
Color: Bay
Redwings Arrival: February 2, 2004


Birthdate: 2004
Breed: Paint Arab Cross
Color: Chestnut
Redwings Arrival: November 13, 2019