Explanation of Levels


Level One

Level 1 horses are extremely gentle, patient and kind. Upon completion of Level One Training you may visit and groom any horses that are considered Level 1.


Level Two

Level Two horses require extra training to interact with in a safe manner. Upon completion of Level Two Training you will be given access to Level Two horses with permission from appointed staff.


Level Three

Level Three horses require very experienced handlers. Only volunteers with specific permission and in the presence of staff should ever enter RED areas.

Companion Horses

Horses that are not approved for riding but will make a wonderful addition to a family as a companion animal for another horse or burro, or as pet for the foster home.  It has been determined that riding these horses is not acceptable due to old injuries or lameness, a history of abuse under saddle, or age.  They are still wonderful horses and very easy to work with on the ground.

Riding Prospects

Most, but not all, of our riding prospects are either young horses that are sound but not yet broke to ride, or off track Thoroughbreds that will require some additional training to start a new career. We also have a few horses that are only approved for light riding due to an old injury. They are sound enough for trail riding and light arena work, but are not appropriate for any competitive riding.

Mustang Herd

In May of 2000 Redwings was involved in the rescue of a herd of mustangs living on only two acres in Montana. Today they live in a 20 acre pasture at the sanctuary with rolling hills and oak trees.

Permanent Residents

Horses at the sanctuary that due to age, chronic illness, lameness, or behavioral issues are not likely to be adopted and will stay at Redwings. These horses are not available for foster/adoption.


These horses have been adopted into their forever homes after the successful completion of the mandatory one-year foster period.