TaraDate of Birth: Approximately 1995

Breed: Draft X

Color: Dark Bay

Redwings Arrival Date: February 2, 2004

When Redwings decided to take in two Premarin mares, we found Tara offered for sale from a farm in Canada, which was being downsized. As with most Premarin mares, she was already in foal. She was loaded onto a truck with several other horses that were being sent to the United States for adoption.

When she arrived at redwings, she would completely tune out and ignore anyone who came close to her. Redwings staff worked with her as much as they could, without stressing her.

When her foal, Rebel, was born, he had no fear, and quickly became aware of people with petting hands and good treats. Although Tara tried t protect him from us, he quickly pushed past her to be petted. She is still somewhat shy around people, but she was able to keep Rebel until he was old enough to be weaned and go to a foster home. She lives with the other Premarin mare and Premarin offspring. The herd runs and enjoys life as it should be lived, safe and happy.