Birthdate: 1998

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Sorrel

Redwings Arrival: June 16, 2010

Not a lot is known about Stella’s history.  A rescue organization in California found Stella at the Fallon Auction in Nevada, with a very uncertain future.  The rescue purchased her and brought her to their facility in central California.  They tried to restart her under saddle, but immediately ran into issues.  When they saddled Stella she would panic and rear, sometimes even falling over backwards.  It was clear that Stella had suffered significant abuse in the past and the rescue decided that she was best suited as a companion horse.  Other than her intolerance to saddling and riding, Stella was easy to handle.  Since the rescue did not offer sanctuary they contacted Redwings to ask if we could take Stella and give her the life she deserved.

Stella came to us in 2010 and has been happy here ever since.  Her turnout buddy is Mora and she loves to get turned out daily on her irrigated pasture.