SavannahBirthdate: May 1, 1998

Breed: Holsteiner

Color: Grey

Redwings Arrival: November 24, 1998

Savannah was born on a sport horse farm in Southern California in May of 1998.  Savannah was sired by a successful Grand Prix show Jumper, Kabaret.  Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Savannah was not developing correctly.  As she grew, she developed a large and permanent “hump” in her back that was painful when downward pressure was placed on it.  She also suffered from intermittent lameness and sustained a minor fracture of one of her hind legs while playing with other foals.  A vet determined that Savannah would be best suited as a companion horse and was not suitable for riding.  The barn manager at the farm called Redwings, and we were delighted to accept the adorable weanling filly.

Savannah has lived at Redwings since 1999.  Today Savannah is happy and healthy and lives in a large pasture with Circe and Mysty.