Etta MaeBirthdate: 1989
Breed: Pony X Mare
Color: Black
Redwings Arrival: September 2, 1999

In July of 1998, the Humane Society of Santa Clara County asked Redwings to help them determine the condition of over 100 ponies running wild on 160 acres in the east hills of San Jose. Their owner (who lost the land to the bank) made an effort to keep the ponies by moving them to a neighbor’s property. The neighbor, afraid to get stuck with a herd of ponies, contacted authorities and had them rounded up and sent to a local auction. This meant the slaughter buyers would be able to bid on them. After several attempts to stop the auction, the local horse community was mobilized and came to the auction to buy the ponies, and almost the entire herd was adopted. Horse Power Projects purchased Etta Mae and her colt. Her foal, Penelope was born shortly after. However, Etta Mae was so wild Horse Power Projects felt she would never become adoptable and asked Redwings to take her and her young foal. We were happy to oblige.

Etta Mae has slowly learned to trust humans and will sometimes come up to the fence to be petted. Penelope (Etta Mae’s foal), on the other hand, loves to be petted and will push all the others out of the way to get attention.